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Essential Solicitors was created to 'break the mould' of traditional law practices. We understand that when it comes to our clients, budgeting is key. Knowing what you are paying upfront minimises the risk of over spending, giving you complete peace of mind!

What sets us apart?

At Essential Solicitors, we drop the cloak and dagger approach, offering you a transparent, fixed fee approach to law. A fresh alternative to 'pay by the hour' advice.

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Essential Solicitors offer a full range of services to businesses of any size, from start-ups to SMEs and large organisations. Our team of commercial law solicitors offer an efficient and value-added service, assisting you far beyond your legal needs whenever required.

Once the deal is completed, we are keen to form long-lasting relationships with our clients and to continue assisting them with


Whether you are running your own small business, working in partnership with others, or the Director of a larger company, business and company matters can appear daunting.

The exact requirements of company law, the implications of partnership trading and the advantages and disadvantages of incorporation can all appear, at best, confusing without our expert professional guidance.

Debt Recovery

Essential Solicitors debt recovery provides a low cost service which has been designed to meet the debt collection needs of businesses when payment problems arise. You choose the level of service you require...

we do the rest. From 'no win no fee' to comprehensive packages we have the solution for you.Our debt recovery specialists mean that we can deliver a simple, effective and...

General Litigation

As an individual you may be involved in litigation. This may arise from your occupation of a property either as an owner or as a tenant. You may be in dispute with your landlord or your neighbour; in such circumstances Essential Solicitors can assist you.

As a consumer you may feel that your rights have been infringed either by a commercial organisation or by a regulatory body.